About me

My name is Minjeong Kim (call me MJ) and I'm a product and interaction designer based in Mountain View, California.
I enjoy designing intuitive interactions and working with teams to execute that vision.


I currently manage a team of designers at Coursera, building an education platform for instructors and students. I've been with Coursera since 2012 when I joined as its first designer, and have evolved as designer and leader while helping the team and business grow.


As a kid, I have always loved making things and would get giddy flipping through art and design books. Although initially more interested in art as a tool for personal expression and communication, I grew to enjoy solving business challenges through product design and collaboration.

My experiences include interaction designer at Yahoo!, product designer at a StartX company, and art instructor for the 2nd grade in Palo Alto, California.

I earned a BA in Practice of Art from UC Berkeley and MFA in Design from Stanford University.

On the side

I like to draw people in my sketchbook and practice yoga.